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okuden foundation

Objective of the Foundation

As stated in the organisation's charter, the objective of Okuden Foundation is activity in favour of general public; popularization of cultural activity in different forms and in a broad sense, including:

# Cultural and historical heritage preservation. Promotion of art and culture; support for innovative ideas from the area of contemporary art and non-commercial cultural initiatives.

# Expanding social awareness in the field of environmental protection, pro-environmental lifestyle, animal welfare and natural heritage.

# Physical culture popularization. Promotion of alternative, active and healthy lifestyle attitude; versatile recreation and active relaxation.

# Activity for the sake of European integration and deepening cooperation between societies. Cooperation with creative sectors at home and abroad; non-governmental organizations, cultural institutions, media and public administration.

Foundation is apolitical and is not related to any specific religion, creed or belief.

OKU DEN _ "deepest transmission"; "hidden teachings"; "inner-transmission". Oku Den is drawn from ancient Japanese and refers to the hidden mystery in things, the secret essence uncovered and revealed, the innate harmony underlying all things. Okuden can indicate a rank in a traditional Japanese art form and/or the actual transmission of secret principles relating to a given art.