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# Okuden Music // Concert Series

Okuden Music is ESP-Disk' record label signature concert series presenting the mainstream of modern jazz and improvised avant-garde music heritage. ESP-Disk' is a legendary New York, Brooklyn based label, one of the most important independent record labels in the history of avant-garde jazz, founded in 1963, which catalogue includes some of the most important music recorded in America in the 1960s.

Live albums from the series titled "Live at Okuden" were repeatedly chosen as ’Editor's Pick’ after premiere, annually ending on 'Best of the Year' album list by varied sources, including "Honorable Mention Best of the Year Release 2015" by The New York City Jazz Record (for The Uppercut | Matthew Shipp Mat Walerian duo) as well as "Honorable Mention Best of the Year Release 2016" by The New York City Jazz Record and "Best Records of 2016" by Jazz Right Now New York (for Jungle | Mat Walerian Matthew Shipp Hamid Drake).

# Okuden Quartet // Mat Walerian Matthew Shipp William Parker Hamid Drake

Musical quartet consisting of instrumentalists, composers, improvisers and bandleaders, presenting current state of jazz and improvised avant-garde music; incorporationg diverse musical cultures, including jazz, classical, contemporary, improvised avant-garde music and electronica.

# // Tony Halik's 100th Birthday Celebration

Tony Halik, born Mieczysław Antoni Sędzimir Halik on January 24, 1921 in Toruń, Prosta Street, was a Polish-Argentinian film operator, documentary film-maker, author of travel books, traveller, explorer, and polyglot speaking Spanish, English, French, Portuguese, Italian, German, Guarani and Xavante.

# OCC // Outward Creative Center

Outward is an exhibition center, workshop space and coffee bar located in park area, in a direct vicinity of Medieval Town of Toruń - fascinating UNESCO World Heritage Site.

# Frequency Response // Artist Management and Booking Agency

Frequency Response is a booking agency providing management for the mainstream of modern jazz, contemporary and improvised avant-garde music; representing documented artistic projects of international autorship.

# Primal Dynamics // Functional training. Health Strength Conditioning Movement.

As highly qualified collective of industry professionals, instructors and combat sport adepts with longstanding experience, Primal Dynamics provides with functional training classes with varied configuration, international instructor courses & certifications, health education and movement quality workshops, certified sport instructors and more...

# The Furred Kabuto // Hattori Says

Social, mindful project providing everyday portion of self-love and happines.

The Furred Kabuto // Hattori Says

: Projects in progress

# MAG // Mobile Art Gallery

MAG // Mobile Art Gallery is a project in cooperation with Student Research Groups representing universities of Toruń and Poznań:

# Department of Sculpture and Interior Design, Nicolaus Copernicus University, Toruń
# Department of Sculpture, University of the Arts, Poznań